Monday, August 15

Homestead Updates

So many things have been happening around here lately it has been hard to keep up. The blog has been taking the back burner to life recently.

Mildred: She is officially gone. Missing for over a week, I think I have found the place of her demise in the side yard by the field. Feathers everywhere and not just the "I think I'll shed a few" variety. We think it must have been a fox hiding in the tall grass Sunday night and she must have been out digging for bugs with her 7 partners in crime. This has lead to a confinement status for the rest of the 17 ladies which they are not happy with. In an effort to reach a compromise, I have set up the portable pen again and they are allowed access to fresh grass on a daily basis. But they are still contained and safe. They may not think this compromise is fair but I am viewing it as an act of tough love on my part.

Lawn Mower: Our lawn mover of 6 years has died. You would think that something as major and expensive as a lawn mower would last more than 6 years, but I have been informed by Roy and numerous sales people at Tractor Supply that mowers are not built to last. The fact that this made me seriously mad was evident in that such a major purchase should last longer than a pair of jeans. No, I was not racing my mower or participating in demolition derby's with it. I was mowing the lawn. I thought that was what one did with a lawn mower but apparently I was supposed to keep it in the barn under a big heavy tarp and not even breathe on it. More on this in a later post....

Baby's Room: It has taken me much, much longer than I thought to get the new baby's room painted. Trying to paint at half-hour intervals during episodes of Curious George does not make for a speedy completion of a job. The trim is done and the second coat of wall paint went on yesterday. All that is left is all the touch-up, which is very time consuming. With any luck, it will be done before the baby arrives. And I still have the sew the curtains!

Prince: Prince, my oldest cat at 12 1/2, has been diagnosed with a very bad case of hyper-thyroid ism. After a traumatic trip to the vet (lets just say my car smells like a litter box right now), he was given chewable pills that are supposed to take like beef-flavored cat treats. I do not know this for sure since I have not actually tried one but Prince seems to be eating them on his own. Hopefully this will help control the problem.

Our Line: I know I have talked about this before but I just can't help but let everyone know how much I love my clothes line. It saves us so much money every year and it is one of my favorite parts of the day - hanging the laundry out. I think that is my form of meditation since I can not ever see myself sitting on the floor for an hour doing nothing, thinking about nothing. It's just not going happen. I'll get my much-needed stress relief from the line.

Speaking of Stress: Little man is trying to drive me crazy. He is 2 1/2 which is equivalent to saying he is a terror with a cute face. Sweet to the point of perfection on minute, crazy to the point of total meltdown the next. And he has this interesting power that lets him turn on and off his ability to hear at any given time. I can be talking to him and he just does not hear me. It is like I am not even in the room. but if I say something along the lines of "Lets go to the park" he has the excellent hearing of a wary caribou on the plains.


  1. First of all I love your blog! I also am so happy to meet someone who gets as sad about losing one of their chickens as I do. I am so sorry about Mildred.....

  2. I'm sorry about Mildred, we have lost several too.

    It doesn't stop with lawn mowers either- our refrigerator has gone out after 10 years. The one from the 1950s still keeps chugging away in our garage. My husband spoke to one of the guys at a big box hardware store and he said even the VERY high end appliances are breaking after only a couple years. After warranty of course. No long will we pay top dollar for appliances that are all computerized. From now on it's cheap and something my husband can fix himself.

  3. I'm so sorry about Mildred. We have the same compromise with our girls for the same exact reason and you're right...not their idea of fair but something I can live with. Sory about Prince as well. We went through hyper-thyroidism a couple years ago with a cat. It's no fun. At least the med's are beef flavored. I had to give Oliver bubble-gum flavored benedryl until he was old enough to take the pills. Can I tell you dogs do NOT like bubble gum flavor. It wasn't popular. Ugh..not many things are built to last any more. Everything is "replaceable". Ridiculous isn't it? Glad the baby's room is coming along!!

  4. So sorry to hear of Mildred's demise. I have three ducks and I know they would be very upset if they could not roam for at least part of the day. I am hoping to begin to get eggs by the end of September, sure hope we LIKE duck eggs!
    Love your blog and love that it is by someone in the next county.