Thursday, August 4

Hello Rain! You Are Most Welcome!

The rain finally came yesterday - not just the little shower that lasts 5 minutes before returning to humid and unbearable - but a nice full day soaking. I could hear the garden and the lawn drinking it in.

We have been using the sprinkler on the veggie gardens for what seems like weeks now, and according to Roy's lecture about the high water bill, it might just have been weeks! TLast night - no sprinklers. Just tomato plants dripping with accumulated raindrops.

Before I started small-scale gardening, I never really though too much about the weather and how it effected things on a grand scale. I was just concerned about how it effected me and my weekends. Now, I see things much differently. Even as a small-scale food grower, I see the need of living with the rythym of the weather. Checking the forecast each day to decide planting, tilling or watering times. It makes me slow down a little bit in that there is something else dictating the timeline.

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  1. You are so lucky. It missed us completely. What a wonderful treat for your garden!!