Wednesday, August 10

Garden Update

I have a ton of green tomatoes and not a single red one. Not even an orange one. At this rate, I will be canning green pasta sauce.

The tomatoes were my major investment crop this year since we were planning on making our own sauce, so the rest of the garden is small by comparison. I have onions that are doing well and my beans are finally taking off. The peas have just about run out of steam and I am going to plant another round shortly. We go through a lot of peas here.

Wedding has been a challenge since I have to constantly invent new ways of bending, reaching, and pulling due to the growing belly. So my rows are looking a little overgrown. I did manage to uncover all my pumpkins and gourds, revealing that i do in fact have some this season. Like this nice little while lumina pumpkin.

My zucchini has not been producing the baskets-full like it did last year. I have only harvested 4 so far. Four!!!! And no cukes either.

Was it the strange spring weather we had this year? Is my soil really THAT horrible? Is it just me? Does my garden not like me? I don;t see any reason why it shouldn't - I never spray it with chemicals, I ran up the water bill to astronomical highs during the recent drought to keep things well watered, and I have done my best to keep the tomatoes off the ground despite my faulty cage system.

Anyone else in upstate NY having problems?

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  1. Yes, I am having the same problems. Few zucchinis, no cukes. Few melons. And very few beans, which normally grow like a weed for me. It's been a disappointment, to say the least.