Tuesday, July 12

What Wood Stove?

Conversation between Roy and I last February:

Me: The pellet stove isn't working again. Will you please fix it?
Roy: I will try but it involves taking it apart and messing with the feed-timer and cleaning blah, blah, blah......
Me: Well, it's kind of cold in here and we are out of backup heating oil, so go ahead and I will stay out of the way.

Hours later we had a pellet stove that was working again, mostly. I then mentioned how it might be nice to have a wood stove some day. Roy said there would be less mechanics to deal with and it might heat into the kitchen, where the pellet stove does not.

I know what it is like living with a wood stove. I grew up with one in my parents home and in my grandparents home, as did Roy in his parents home. He was using a chain saw at age 8 to help with his families wood delivery business. Although not the most attractive childhood, according to him, he did it and he knows all the details. I also know how much "fun" it was to carry arm loads full of split wood upstairs from the basement storage every winter day, how much "fun" it was to help split, stack and move wood around the yard to season it for next winter.

I do like the great amount of heat they put out, the ability to cook a meal on one and the whole 'having a wood burning stove in your house makes it cozy and very homestead-like' thing.

But I know the work involved and I wasn't sure I REALLY wanted a wood stove.

Conversation between Roy and I last week:

Me: We should really get rid of some of this scrap wood we have in the shed. It is taking up a lot of space.
Roy: Why? We are going to need it.
Me: For what? It's too small to use for almost any project.
Roy: I ordered the wood stove.
Me: What wood stove?
Roy: We are getting that wood stove we talked about.
Me: I thought we were just having a conversation about maybe thinking about getting one.

The wood stove should be here in a couple of months. It is a Harmon 'Oakleaf' wood stove (in the picture above), which according to the website will 'provide the perfect amount of even heat for longer periods of time' and 'offers the most efficient burn.'

Maybe we can upgrade to the model that carries the wood in from the shed at 5am when it is 10 degrees outside.


  1. Congratulations on your impending stove arrival. I would LOVE to have a wood stove, but it isn't going to happen in my current home. I too grew up with wood (a forced air wood furnace in our basement) and loved how warm it was, but hated the spring cleaning due to the dirt it circulated through our home.

  2. Ha! That conversation could have taken place in my own home. :-) Congrat's on the wood stove. So cozy in the winter.