Monday, July 11

Seven Years Ago Today

Seven years ago today, for all logic and medical science, I should have been paralyzed from the waist down.

A man, not paying attention, turned his car in front of ours and I broke my back.

However, I am not paralyzed. Through a combination of a genius spinal surgeon, rehabilitation and the most amazing good luck, I avoided a wheelchair by millimeters.

I have gone on to be able to do most of the things that I could before the accident, I have had a beautiful baby boy and I am expecting a girl in October.

Although my back is full of titanium and I have lost some mobility, I can still do all the things I love. I think about that every time I am sweating it out in the garden, chasing after my two year old and just taking a walk.

Yes, I have pain, but it is nothing compaired to what other people with my same injury have. I can live a normal life and I am grateful.

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