Tuesday, July 5

My Future Fence

I have a new project.

Not that I need another one, but this one comes out of necessity.

I must keep the deer out of the garden.

A fence is the answer. But not just any fence. I am not going to, no matter what the budget dictates, go to Home Depot and buy a roll or two of ugly, flimsy fancing materal and stake it up in a big square around the perimiter of the garden.

Although this would be effective in solving the deer problem (hopefully), I feel this is too important of a project. It is more of an investment. Something that will endure. Something that I don;t have to take down every season becasue the snow would reduce it to a pile of bent and rusty metal.

I want what Pamela Page has in Bethel, Connecticut.

I read an article in Country Living in 2009 which was complete with photos of the most perfect garden fance I have ever seen. I immediately ripped out the pages and stick them away in my garden idea notebook knowing that one day I would have something like this in my yard.

The photo at the top of this post is what inspired me. Look at those perfect posts with the wire so nicely applied and those straight rows of beds.

Does she have to mow that grass? It doesn't look like it. She must spend hours upon hours in their wearing it down.


Just look at that trellis.

According to the article, the garden is 90 feet by 55 feet. The posts, trellises and raised bed borders are made from rot-resistant cedar. She grows 3 dozen different tomato varrieties, a dozen pepper varrieties and a half-dozen types of cucumber, orka and beans in a single season.

Time does pose a problem here though. This will take a few years. Deer are eating now.

Do I go with the cheap fencing and plan for the Page garden fence? Or do I just leave things open, hope the deer find greener pastures and start mapping things out on grid paper this winter?

photos from HERE


  1. Well......I live in Irondequoit and have a terrible deer problem. A fence as tall as the one you have pictured would not keep them out-They will jump right over.

    I have metal stakes and a 7ft mesh fence that does the trick. I was also lothe to put that up-However, it's not as bad as I thought it would be and does not need to be taken down. I just tighten it up a little in the spring. It's the only way we've ever eaten anything from the garden. Other years with no fence and then one the size you have shown, we've had nothing!

    However, if you don't have a terrible deer problem like that you may get away with it.

    I absolutely LOVE those photos and those are the kinds of gardens I dream of as well!

  2. I saw these photos and fell in love with this garden too. It is definitely a dream garden!!

  3. It is picture perfect. Best wishes on getting the fencing you need!


  4. Wow. I'd love to have that fence as well.

  5. Deer?
    Try dog! my dog just wants to dig.
    ...I'd like for her to dig a hole about 6ft deep, you know? (sorry, to all the dog lovers)
    She just frustrates all my gardening efforts.
    Maybe there's a fence in my future as well.

  6. That fence is gorgeous! I have ugly fencing around my garden, to keep out the rabbits and the 3 year old. You have to be practical and remember that what you see in magazines has likely taken a lot of time OR a lot of money. Put something up to keep the deer out and dream & plan to put up something more eye-pleasing later. =)

  7. What a pretty fence! I'd go with something temporary while you build something closer to your dream fence. And keep those pesky deer OUTTA THERE!