Monday, July 18

Monroe County Fair

Saturday we braved the heat and humidity and spent the afternoon at the Monroe County Fair. I have never been so I was looking forward to seeing all the animals on display from the 4-H groups and the other exhibits. And, my favorite talk radio personality was participating in the goat milking contest.

In hind-sight, I should have just gone by myself but that is another story. Roy and the little man were both cranky and having tantrums, but I was determined to enjoy as much as I could.

We went to the livestock barn first since it is what I really wanted to see. The goats were all very friendly and wanting attention from the many, many little kid hands eager to pet them.

The chicken and bird display was very impressive - so many varieties! Geese, turkeys, chickens and other birds all looking their best. With rooster crowing, we looked at the birds. I wanted to read the tags on the cages to see what kinds of birds I was admiring, but as i said, someone was having a tantrum. I am lucky to get some pictures that turned out as I was being dragged along by a crabby two year old at times. I loved the coloring of this bird - if anyone knows what it is, please let me know!

This bird was also very impressive:

Of course, you can't put a ton of chickens together and not expect to get some eggs:

These guys were just hanging out, enjoying the show of people going by:

Inspecting the poultry during a lull in the crankiness:

The bunny and guinea pig exhibit was large and soft. Since someone did not want to stay in their stroller and insisted on trying to touch each and every bunny, my pictures did not turn out. Even the fast focus is not fast enough the keep up with the little man. In my effort to protect bunnies, my photos were mostly blurry. I could not help posting this one, however blurry. This guy just wanted out.

Ahh, a picture that made it!

Up next were the cows. I have never been able to 'pet' a cow before, and thanks to a very nice girl who saw a tantrum in full swing, we were allowed to pet some cows. Thank you nice girl - crisis averted!

I got to pet Mama cow on the left - she was so soft and friendly!!!! All she wanted was for me to scratch her head and nose. You could just see the happiness in this cows eyes. So soft - I could have spent hours sitting in that straw with that cow.

As promised, Bob Lonsberry from WHAM radio was there to participate in the goat milking contest. Blurry picture again thanks to malfunctioning camera (crabby husband who does not like Bob Lonsberry). But I was still able to watch and it was very entertaining even though he came in third (out of three).

We then moved on to the other barns to see the rest of the non-animal exhibits. There were some very nice examples of quilting and sewing as well as a robotics demonstration and plant, flower and vegetable tables.

I wanted to spend so much more time looking at all the varieties of plants and just see more in general but the other two people in my 'fair party' were just not cooperating. We went outside to the fair grounds with the rides and food - and the heat. We had some pizza and ice cream and little man half-heartily went on a few rides, which he normally loves. I knew that this was not going to get any better so we all trudged back to the car and went home.

I really have no idea why Roy and little man were so moody on Saturday other than the heat, but I was out in it too, hauling around an extra 30 pounds of growing baby, and I managed to have a good time. So, lets just forget about the fair-spoilers for now. I had a great time!!!!


  1. That first chicken looks like a Speckled Sussex to me. I can recommend them, if you are looking to start a flock/add to a flock. They are very personable, as chickens go.

    I always want to look at the animals all day at the fair, too. I never get my way, though. My kids get BORED. This year, I'm sending them off with their dad, and I'll spend as much time as I want!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Sorry the rest of your family didn't enjoy it.


  3. Very fun. We are gearing up for our fair soon. Praying it's not so HUMID! :) Considering, you did get some great pic's. (and I hate it when my big 'kid' is tantruming too!)

  4. What a small world, I was checking out other homestead blogs and saw the title Monroe County Fair wondering if it could be Monroe County in NY and sure enough it was. Then while reading through your blog I see my goat (Prince-the small nigerian w/ his mouth open) and my chicken (Truly- small grey bantam). So glad you had fun. We really enjoyed the fair too.

  5. what a small world, while visiting different homesteading blogs I happened across this title and when reading it I see pictures of two of my animals-the small brown nigerian goat with his mouth open and the little grey chicken. glad to hear you had fun!