Sunday, July 17

How Far Do We Have To Go?

I was in the kitchen the other night doing the dishes, the little guy was in bed, and Roy was watching tv.

Nothing exciting or interesting about this other than the fact that yes, I do dishes at 9:30pm. I hate doing dishes. I save them for last.

The windows were all open to catch a cool night breeze and I heard a car horn beep.

Nothing exciting about this either since our neighbors beep when they go by. Kind of like a notice "I'm going out - watch my house, and do you need any thing from the store?"

A few minutes later I went into the living room and Roy asks me if I heard what happened.

Happened? What happened?

Apparently, I had missed the show.

A teenage kid had been walking down the road when a sport utility came up slowly behind him. It was his mother and she was pissed.

"You are my son and i will always love you! But you are a %$^*@#& drug addict and you need some &@!#*&^% help."

"You can't tell me what to do! Get away from me you &^*#$%^@ &*%@$!"

Then the kid started pounding his fists into the pavement and yelling more &^%*#$%#-type stuff.

Another car pulled up- beat up and rusted, driven by what Roy assumes were friends of the teenager. The boy got inside and they drove off with the Mom following in her sport utility, horn beeping.

Drugs, yelling, fighting in the street - I thought we left that all behind when we got the heck out of the city. All this on our quiet road that doesn't even have lines painted on it.

I am kind of glad that I didn't actually witness it. Just hearing about it makes me think about my little boy and how I hope that I will never be that Mother. Her little boy was probably just as sweet and cute as mine. She probably has his baby book and tiny clothes stashed away in her attic. She must have had such high hopes for her son, just as I have high hopes for mine. We live in the same neighborhood. My son will go to the same school as this boy does. How can I avoid this outcome in my own home when I thought we had gotten away from it?

How far out do we have to move to get away from the possibility that this might happen to us?

This really scared me.

I'll bet she thought she was doing everything right in raising her son the right way. Discipline but not over-bearing, strict but not crazy-over-the-top, involved but not hovering.

Needless to say, but any advice or suggestions about how to prevent this type of outcome with my son would be greatly appreciated. He is my first and all I want to do is put him in a bubble right now until he is 45.

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  1. Pray, love and no talking like that. I am in the same boat.