Thursday, July 14

The Hell of Budgets

A few posts ago I mentioned that I won $2 on a scratch-off lottery ticket and that I would explain, in our current household budget, how I could bring myself to do this.

The answer is not a fancy, money saving diatribe lecture on the importance of fiscal this and that. I just wanted one. A girl can have a little fun and if I have a guilty pleasure of scratching off silver junk with a penny to see if I may have won something, then so be it. Once and while is not going to hurt.

The larger issue here is in fact that budget. We all hate the word and the sacrifice is conjures up. No luxuries, no shopping sprees at the Goodwill, things like that. We all hate it but in some cases it must be done.

So in an effort to live with more in the savings and paying off some debt, we have (Roy insisted) that we have two budgets: household and bill paying. He takes care of the bill paying - everything that comes in the mail and online like the car, electric, water, insurance, etc. I am in charge of the household budget - groceries, baby stuff, house stuff, gas for my car, etc.

This has resulted in me having my monthly allowance in an old cigar box with a certain amount allocated for each week of the month.

We have been doing this for about three months now and let me tell you the first month was hell.

Hell for two reasons: One, I had to change my way of buying things. Yes, I have always been careful about what to buy and where to buy it, but I still managed to spend too much. Sad to say, but organic milk is just too expensive right now.

And two, I had absolutely no idea how much we were actually spending on bread every month. Bread. A loaf of Wegmans country potato bread. We went though about 2 a week and then there were the specialty breads that Roy likes - multi grain, wheat, etc.

Who knew bread could break a budget?

Needless to say I was totally over budget that first week and most of that first month.

But I am proud to say that in the two months since, I have gotten the hang of it, mostly. I did spend a little much at a great barn sale the other day but I have mostly managed to stay in budget while buying good, quality food and mostly eco-friendly house products. I am now the lady you don't want to get stuck behind at the register with the pile of coupons.

How this will change when baby #2 comes along is yet to be seen.

Formula is expensive.


  1. It's truly amazing, isn't it? The expense of simple staples, not to mention said staples are seeing quite the reduction in size while staying the same price or increasing. To keep me going with a budget I think about when I didn't pay attention to sale prices and just shopped once a week for whatever we'd need for the following week. How much money was wasted!!

  2. try shopping at Aldi's, their 12 grain bread is pretty good and they have white whole grain....actually much of their stuff is very good and inexpensive.....just discovered your blog and always love local folks writings. we are in Farmington.