Friday, July 22

Garden Update

Those are my tomatoes - all green ones. I do not have a ripe tomato yet - not even one that looks like it might be thinking about turning anything but green. Lack of water maybe?

Even though I use the sprinkler almost every night and give them a good long drink, they seem to be concentrating on spreading foliage than producing something eatable. The only things we have been able to eat from the garden yet are peas and onions, which I am not complaining about, but shouldn't I have beans by now? And maybe some cucumbers? Both of these plants are looking like spring seedlings rather than mid-summer producers.

The drought here has affected a lot of things, most noticeably the dry creek bed, our neighbors completely dried-up pond, and the light-brown crunchy grass. Yesterday it topped out at 98 degrees here but it was so humid that it felt like about 109. Today is better with the temps only in the 90's (did I just say ONLY?) and it is a little less humid. They say we might get a little rain on Monday but I am not holding my breath. The perky weather man, who I would be 1 million dollars does not have a garden, seems to love to say "It's gonna be another hot one - I'll tell ya how hot right after this (smile)."

I wish I had more to report on the garden front - I wish I had pictures of ripening sungold tomatoes and budding cucumbers, of purple pole beans ready to be picked and little mini-pumpkins forming on the vines, but I don't. I can post a picture of an onion but that would just be a picture of the green part sticking out of the ground - not a groundbreaking alert.

Hopefully things will pick up and I will be posting about how we have so many tomatoes that I am giving them away. But not today. Today i just crossing my fingers for rain.

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