Thursday, July 21

Feeding the Ladies and Where's the Rain?

Since I have been letting the ladies 'free-range' during part of the day, they have been behaving pretty well. They have managed to dig up some plants in the shade garden and yesterday my neighbor called to say that they just saw a chicken running across the road. They did not know about the 'free range' project and thought they were all supposed to be in the pen.

All in all, they are happier, healthier and hopefully enjoying life a little more. And, but taking dust baths in the paths between the tomato plants they have drastically cut down on the number of weeds. Thanks girls!

My little helper is hard at work tending his flock - according to him they are HIS chickies. But it seems that everything is "mine, mine, mine" recently so I am letting it slide. His favorite words, besides 'mine' are 'no' and 'now'.

Finally, a note on the weather. It is HOT. Hot, humid and sticky with no rain in sight. We had a tiny bit of rain yesterday morning but not nearly enough for the gardens, creeks, or yards. This week is supposed to be one of the hottest of the summer which puts a delay on my yard projects. I am too pregnant to get so over heated. We need a few days of a good, solid, soaking rain to get things back into growing-mode. Until then I am using the sprinklers in the vegetable gardens and limited in teh flower gardens to conserve water. The yard is currently brown.

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