Friday, July 15

4:45 am is Not My Friend

Yesterday I was awake to hear the first birds start singing to bring up the sun. It is not as spiritually wonderful as it sounds. Do you know what time the birds start singing in the morning? Around 4:45. AM.

The little man decided that he wanted to get up and he was ready to play. I was not. Roy definitely was not since he does not have to leave for work until 7:00. I dragged myself downstairs and stretch out on the couch while the little man played with numerous toys that make too much noise for 4:45 am.

Despite the barnyard sounds coming from the Fisher Price play farm, I somehow managed to drift off for about 10 minutes. The sound of jingle bells inside of cats toys woke me up and I knew I would be finding a mess. I found it in the laundry room where little man had pulled down the baby gate and gotten into the cats food. He had taken all the dry food in the bowl and dumped it into the water feeder, which was now a big mushy mess of swollen not-so-dry cat food. Water had spilled out onto the floor and the little man, soaking his fire truck jammies.

He will totally thrilled and was trying to bring about 13 jingle bell cat toys out into the dining room.

Can we now guess how the rest of my day went?

Actually, it was pretty good. My sister-in-law and her daughter came over and took the little man to the local kids play center that has inflatable bouncing equipment specifically designed to make kids tired. So I got a good 5 hours of nothing but peace and quiet. It was a good thing too since it was to the point of either little man goes or I go.

Turns out I got to go to the garden and get a whole bunch of things done. I got all 35 tomato plants staked and secure (the plants are getting heavy and the cages are starting to tip, so I put a strong 3' stake along side each one and tied them up). I also managed to get weeding done which is not as easy as it used to be. I am 6 months pregnant and the bending, kneeling, squatting and reaching is getting challenging. I could weed a row then I had to take a break and she was kicking me the whole time.

She is taking all my energy so I have to budget said energy, as well as my time. There is that horrible "B" word again. But I did get to see a hummingbird on the Bee Balm. Here is a picture of the Bee Balm. Hummingbirds don't like to wait for pregnant ladies to waddle into the house to get the camera.

I also have a ton of black hollyhocks out right now, along with a ton of other flowers which I will post later. I love hollyhocks but it seems that all I have are black ones this year. They are pretty but I can't help but notice the blooms all seem to look shiny and greasy. Kind of like glossy photo paper instead of matte.

After a few more lingering yard projects knocked off the to-do list, I headed inside for a break and some sewing. I big pile of things that needed mending has been waiting for months and I got them all done while listening to my favorite radio talk show without interruption. By interruption I mean "Mama! Mama! I want juice! NOW!".

I am going to take yesterday as a good, productive day even though it started out with the need for extra anti-depressants.

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  1. I am laughing as I type this. Sorry to hear about the 4:45 a.m. wake-up call. Unfortunately I am up at 5 a.m. almost everyday in order to get my "chores" done before going to the office. Yuck! I can just imagine the waterer filled with food. Oh boy. Love the photos!