Sunday, June 26

Who Has a Kitchen Upstairs??!!??!

We do.

At least this house did when we moved it. Built in 1916, the upstairs was turned into an in law apartment sometime in the 1970s. For six years we have used it as a misc. room to store everything from genealogy files to dirty laundry to exercise equipment.

But now that we will have baby #2 this coming October, it will now be Roy's home office. In our "free" days before we had the little man, we each had an office upstairs in the two smaller bedrooms. Mine was a hodge-podge of genealogy, art supplies, nick-knacks and just stuff. Roy's was for use on days when he worked from home and a place to store all of his decor that I did not think fit with the "scheme" of our home. (IE. - stuff he had before we were married).

When the little man came, my office was the one to go. deemed "unnecessary" by Roy, I moved into the upstirs kitchen and my old office was painted a nice shade of light green. Add a crib and a changing table and you have a room for a baby.

Now it is Roy's turn. My office has been severely downsized with most of my things being stored int he attic and the rest taking up half of the laundry room. Roy will now take over the kitchen but apparently he needs more space and is not crazy about having a sink near his computer.

So this past couple of weeks we have been removing cabinets and counter tops and a big, heavy, white cast iron sink. The cabinets on the top half are going to stay for storage and this will be no means be a room that will end up in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens. It is purely functional.

The up-side is that this required him to do what I had to do - a massive clean-out - which fits in with my ideas for a more simple, clutter-free life.

If I can get every room in this house cleaned out, organized, and functional then it will be much easier to prioritize and have a working schedule. And it may leave open a little more free time to devote to exploring more areas of homesteading that we are interested in like bee keeping, medicinal herbs and wind power.

All this can come of getting rid of an old sink and some musty cabinets.

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