Thursday, June 9

Tracks and a Turtle

On our "nature rides" on the lawn mower through our neighbors 60 acres of woods and fields, we don't see a lot of actual "nature". Turns out that most wildlife think a lawnmower sound is disturbing in some way.

We do happen to see the occasional pair of ducks, numerous birds and bugs, and once we managed to sneak up on a gray heron in the creek. Must have been a very hard-of-hearing heron. The little guy loves looking at all the flowers and birds and things and he likes the "tractor", as he calls it. The fact that this activity wastes gas in not lost on me but 15 minutes of putting around the back 40 gives him so much enjoyment that I can't say no.

Today we saw two things worth pointing out - tracks and a turtle. Deer tracks are so nice - they look like little hearts.

I am thinking these are raccoon tracks:

And then, the turtle - I can only guess how old this guy is. He looks totally prehistoric to me. The picture did not turn out well but his tail was about 8 inches long with a row of pointy ridges along the top of it. Very dinosaur-like. If anyone knows what kind of turtle this is, I would really like to know.

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