Monday, June 27

Quiz for Readers

Is there anyone out there who can tell, by the picture below, the gender of the new baby?

Any luck?

I am asking because I still can not believe the ultrasound lady and I am looking for second opinions. So while I can not show you pictures of the inside of my tummy, I can show you the items that were purchased at yard sales this past weekend.

Point being that I can't use the clothes I already had saved from the little MAN.

And I refuse to get the really pink stuff, as you can see below by this wonderful farm-themed sleeper.

I am still in shock. I spent 5 months just absolutely knowing that it was going to be another little boy. I just KNEW it. I had the most wonderful named picked out and everything.

Then, just as in the 1500's, my solid foundation of how the world worked was turned upside down. In the late 1500's, Giordano Bruno's cosmological theories identified the Sun as just one of an infinite number of independently moving heavenly bodies. For these ideas he was burned at the stake in 1600 after the Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy.

This poor guy tried to explain that the Earth was not the center of things and they burned him at the stake.

The ultrasound lady told me we were having a girl, which is my equivalent of someone telling me the sun was in fact the middle of things, not the Earth. I was just so sure we were having another boy.

I had her check 4 times.

She was getting rather annoyed with me but I just could not believe it.

At least I didn't burn her at the stake.

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