Friday, June 3

Memorial Day Weekend Round-Up

This past Memorial Day weekend was a good one here. Despite the weather which was all over the place with temperature and precipitation, we had a good time. My brother made a long overdue visit from his home in Nevada and he brought his dog along on the plane, which was not the fiasco he was anticipating.

BBQ's with family and watching parades was highlights with a lot of relaxing in between.

Point of Pride - that's my Dad carrying the American flag this year. And, I used to carry that "Ionia" banner in the parades when I was a little kid. That exact same banner.

The old trucks are my favorite.

We also used this time to get a few long-standing projects done, since Roy had some time off. I don't care how tough you think you are, being 5 months pregnant definitely means that you can not re-tar a barn roof. Roy also took care of tilling, painting, and cleaning out the chicken coop.

The little man even got in on things and used the hose to spray out all the nest boxes that we put in the yard to air out. Yes, he got soaked, and he managed to water just about every tree in sight, but once he got the hang of it, he was spraying out nest box "build up" like a pro. The little guy loves water. His first real farm chore - I like I will write that in his baby book.

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