Saturday, June 25

I Dream of Demo

Some people have day dreams about taking an exotic vacation or what they would buy if they won the lottery.

While travel and lottery winning are good things, (hey, I won $2 on a scratch-off yesterday) I tend to dream about something else entirely.

House renovations.

(More on why I allowed myself to buy a lottery scratch-off while in the middle of a budget crunch later).

I dream of house renovations. More specifically, finding a really beat up piece of property, gutting it and making it my own. I go right down to paint color and what type of insulation I want. I am making my perfect homestead in my head. This is what makes me happy.

Not that I don't have a wonderful old home - I do - and I am lucky for it. Our old farmhouse and 2 acres are perfect for us.

But in fueling my dreaming, I still browse real estate listings. For instance, when I was 7 months pregnant with the little guy we went to an open house near where I grew up of a property in desperate need of some TCL. I saw it in an ad for local auctions and I decided that i wanted to go to the open house, just for fun. What this does to the state of mind of my husband, I really do not know. He is probably stressing over loans and lead paint. We did not bid on the house. Too much demo for a pregnant lady.

This past Father's Day we had a small family BBQ here at the house where my Grandmother mentioned the auction of a property only 1 mile from their home in Steuben County, NY.

For people who have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that my Grandparents farm is like my mecca. Way out in the middle of nowhere, not a sound to be heard, and maybe you see 3 cars go by on the dirt road all day long.

This property is: "Original condition 1850's farmhouse, 2 stories app. 2000 sq. ft. with 4-5 bedrooms, 1 bath, full basement. Gamble roof 36 x 80 wooden dairy barn in excellent condition! 40 ft. x 80 ft. 5 bay open metal pole barn. Various farm type outbuildings. Total of app. 153 acres more or less with app. 65-70 good tillable acres."

Are we all drooling right now? This could be the perfect homestead. You could be totally off the grid, grow a ton of food, have enough space to raise the livestock you would need - you could probably even put an outhouse in the front yard if you wanted to because NO ONE WOULD CARE! Wonderful, blissful, peace and quiet. (OK, Grandma would care since she would most likely be stopping over every day, but, really, WHO CARES!!!!)

Why does this always happen when I am pregnant? But if ever there was a property to SERIOUSLY consider moving to, this would be the one.

And yes, we ARE going to the open house and household auction in July. They are selling the following: "old kitchen wood cook stove with cast iron top and top warming oven; refrigerator/washer/upright freezer; chrome 5 pc. breakfast set; mahogany depr. Era dining room suite; mahogany kneehole desk; bookcases; upholstered livingroom furniture; wooden wardrobes; Depr. Era double bedroom suite; single and double beds; stands; chests; truck; box lots of general household goods; cuckoo clock; treadle sewing machine; etc.!"

One of many views from my potential yard:

Photos and info from Pirrung Auctions


  1. Dreams do come true! Best wishes!

  2. That would certainly be a dream! But if it were me, I would not touch/demo anything that is "original" or historically significant to the house in terms of its architecture. It is a living piece of history and there aren't too many mid 19th century farmhouses left out there- we must preserve them for future generations!

  3. OHHH....AHHHH! I am right there with you. Instead of wanting jewelry, vacations, or designer purses for my anniversary - I want a dairy cow! Yep, it is somewhat odd since I have spent the last 8 years nursing (or pregnant)and now that I will soon be weaning my newest baby that I want a cow to milk - but I REALLY want one!! I mean come on, who could resist a cow grazing the the front lawn....not me!
    -Nic @