Tuesday, June 7

Fairport Canal Days

This past Sunday we spent a few hours at Fairport Canal Days. It was the first time we had actually gone - normally we just go to Fairport for the farmers market, but this year the weather was nice and I knew that one of my favorite jewelry makers would have a tent there.

Before I forget, does anyone else besides me think that charging $5 to park somewhere might be a little excessive? But then again i am on a budget, so everything seems expensive to me.

There were over 200 vendors and food tents all located on the main village street in Fairport which they had closed down for the weekend. And in every little parking lot and public area there were more vendors, people playing music, families hanging out and everyone just generally having a great time.

Like I mentioned before, there were so many vendors it was hard to know where to look first. Generally, I try to look for things that are homemade with interesting materials, or things that are generally useful to me around the house. One lady was selling homemade braided rugs, a few were selling woodworking decorations, and there were a lot of jewelry and artist tents. I wanted a rug but with the smallest being $45, that was a little out of our price range for right now.

There were things for the little man too - bounce houses which we did not go on because he, surprisingly, had no interest, and a train ride in which he showed tremendous interest.

The jewelry maker which I mentioned earlier is Little Green Apple, locally owned and operated in Fairport. I discovered her at the farmers market and her unique designs using old odds and ends had me hooked. I have three of her pieces so far and I wear them just about every day. Trust me, it is something I save my birthday money for.

While I was drooling over the selection of creations an older woman in the next tent started getting very worked up about someone "stealing her design." She was venting this to her husband and then started pacing back and forth up and down this particular row of vendors voicing her disapproval and repeating "stole my design" loudly and often. I never did learn what she was taking about but I can only guess that ideas at craft and artisan fairs are, well, public.

Not that I condone buying something that someone made, taking it apart to figure it out, making more, and then selling them as something you came up with. I do think however, that people are creative and if something catches their eye, they might try to duplicate it. For instance, if there is something that I really like but can not afford, I try to remember what it was that I liked about that particular item. Then when I come across something in the house, garden, barn of flea market that reminds me of the item, I might try to come up with something similar on my own for my own home.

Side note: that is part of the reason that I only have a few vendor photos here. I try not to stand around taking pictures on peoples creations and then not buying anything.

What are your thoughts on this? Are ideas fair game once they are put out there or is there some kind of moral obligation to limit the idea borrowing? Does it matter if it is just for personal use, or if you plan to make money off of it?


  1. I think you're correct that once it's out there it's public. Same goes with the internet and magazines, and books, etc. Once designs are out there they not only serve as inspiration but many will duplicate exactly. I too create my own if I find something I like, but it's for personal use. Others will choose to sell. Doesn't make it right, but I believe you have to expect it.

  2. Little Green Apple - that's my mom! So proud of her :) !!