Tuesday, June 21

The Damage

Something has been sneaking in my garden at night and making a salad bar out of my young vegetables. Instead of taking this as a compliment to my gardening skills, I am a little annoyed that the peas and beans that I was relieved to see made it through the horrible dirt are now a midnight snack.

My broccoli, as pictures below, fared the worst as it was eaten right down to the ground with only a faint stub to let me know that it was indeed actually planted there at one point. All of the broccoli is gone. I have a little hope that it might come back as I see small growth on a few of the plants, but I am not holding my breath.

What bothers me the most is the cheeky audacity of how the plants were eaten. (except the broccoli). A nice clean cut, just a sample here and there. What? - are my peas not pleasing to your palate? Are you upset that my beans are purple instead of the usual green variety? Is this strange that I am upset that animals stealing away for nibbles in my garden don't seem to want to enjoy what they are sampling?

If you are going to eat it, then eat the whole thing and like it! If not, then you can move on down the road to the neighbors.

I know HE grows GREEN beans.

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