Thursday, June 23

Daily Ramble

The poppies are out in full force now with more coming every day. I always say that you can never have enough poppies in your garden.

They are loving all the hot, dry weather we have been getting lately, unlike some of the roses that are slightly droopy. Storms are predicted for tomorrow which I will welcome so the tomatoes and other veggies trying to grow can get a good long drink. It will also make it easier to pull up the weeds that have been trying to take over and crowd out the peas and the beans.

Although hot, we took our "nature ride" today and saw two deer. Young bucks with fuzzy covered horns resting in the cool woods from the mid-day heat. They stared at us as we drove slowly by, and I am surprised that they did not run. The little guy was amazed by them, this being the closest he has ever been to a deer. Also making the list today were two grey herons and a chipmunk. Of course, he fell asleep on the way back to the house and took a good two hour nap on the couch with the fan going.

As far as the days here at our little homestead, that is just as about as exciting as it gets. We have mostly slow days here which is what I like best. Filled up with house chores and yard and garden work, meal planning, child entertainment, and constant fixing-up of the house. Not to say that we do not use our modern conveniences daily. I am typed right now on my HP and the little guy is currently enjoying the latest installment of Curious George. Why they put on an episode where it is it the middle of winter, I really do not know.

Later we will have a simple meal of leftovers with nothing, unfortunately, from the garden yet. I am expecting some peas in the next few days but most of what i have planted this season will not be ready for a few more weeks. The small strawberry harvest we had this season was just that - small. and short. Since i only have a handful of plants and the trip to the house from the plants is sometimes a little much for the little man. He drops them and then accidentally steps on them.

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