Friday, June 24

Crested Moss

One of my personal favorites, the Crested Moss rose, or Chapeau de Napoleon.

"This rose has a remarkable history. It seems that by all accounts, this is a found rose, having been discovered growing on a convent wall in Fribourg, Switzerland in 1820, or thereabouts. Most accounts suggest that Vibert was the one who introduced it into commerce.

It is certainly one of the best of it's group, and not just a curiosity grown for it's odd sepals. The bloom is an exceptional clear pink color, well formed with a tidy button eye at the center. It also offers one of the best fragrances of any rose; an exquisite pure damask type fragrance, with slightly spicy or acrid undertones....very pleasant."


  1. Very pretty. Wish I could get a slip of it to start my own from you.