Sunday, June 12

Broody Hen (?)

I think we have a broody hen. Since I have never had one before, I am asking for any advice in order to make sure she is truely broody and that there is nothing wrong with her.

She sits in the nest box all day and what I assume to be all night. When I try to touch her she makes all sorts of noises ranging from cooing to clucking to some sort of combination of both.

Roy picked her up and moved her out of the nest box yesterday to look her over and make sure there was nothing wrong. Nothing presented itself but she is acting strange.

Advice from fellow chicken owners please!!


  1. It sure sounds like she's broody but mine dont go broody so cant really say for sure. If she was actually sick you might be able to tell but then maybe not. Usually if they get sick you lose them quick.

  2. Thanks! I have been keeping an eye on her and she appears more annoyed and angry with me than sick. I took her off her nest tonight to gather the eggs and she was totally not happy with me. I almost want to say she growled at me. She got all puffed up like a cat in a fight and stuck her big rear end up in the air. Tomorrow I will probably find her back on her nest.....