Wednesday, June 1

The Barn Nursery

Every year the lower half of our old barn plays the roll of nursery to any number of baby birds. Mostly swallows, robins and starlings.

This results in good and bad things. The good being that we get to see the babies and watch as they take their first flight and hear the sweet little peeping. The bad being that we have seen out share of "nature taking its course" - birds that just couldn't figure out how to fly for one reason or another, predators and other not so pleasant outcomes. There is also the bird poo on everything not covered by a tarp and having to duck and cover whenever you need to go into the barn for something.

We also most surely have swallow babies and I know that the starling babies are around - just out of sight.

We currently have three baby robins, beaks up, gaining their strength in their nest. Aside from getting dive bombed and screeched at when we go into the barn, it is my own special little task to "check on the babies" each day. Count the beaks, make sure mom and dad are still around, etc. The busy days of a stay at home Mom.......

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