Thursday, May 19

Yesterday it was sunny and warm outside.

No, I did not mis-type and you did not mis-read. I am not dreaming or hallucinating due to some strange pregnancy hormones.

It was NICE out yesterday.

After days and days and pretty much weeks of nothing but gloom and rain, the sun was out, it was warm and we were outside. The little guy has been cooped up so long I thought he was going to have a meltdown. Once we got outside yesterday, he did not want to come in. He fought through his afternoon nap time like a champ (even though I noticed that he did nod off a few times while we were taking a ride on the lawn mower).

A survey of the yard and gardens revealed pretty much what I expected - a big mess. All of my tulips are missing petals and are hanging miserably. I can just hear them saying "Please, just let this be over with. We'll try again next year." Most other flowers that braved the horrible spring weather by blooming are doing alright. My lilacs are doing very well despite the rain and they smell wonderful. Not too much yet but I do have some nice bluebells and pink ground cover that are both providing some much needed color. And I think I might have some iris blooms in a few days. Iris always remind me of better days to come.

The vegetable garden is a sorry sight. No sprouts. Just weeds popping up and I hope that Roy can get the tiller out this weekend, if it dries up a little, and at least go down the rows between the plantings. The smaller garden, where I will plant my seedlings currently in the basement is still fair game and I will have him till the heck out it until I think it is suitable for tomatoes and peppers. I still have my milk jug protection system from last season to shield the little plants when I do put them out, but I am still hesitant due to the weather. I am totally expecting another twist - like a frost on Memorial Day.

Another note from yesterday - I saw my first snake of the season. Nothing too exciting here except I HATE snakes. They bother me more than just about any other yard and garden dweller, short of spiders. A typical garden snake, brown and dark green, who was bigger than average. Probably from snacking on small mammals like St. Bernard's. (I always over-exaggerate the size of the snakes I see since I hate them so much). I did the only thing I could do - I shook a stick at it. Aggressive, I know, but I was not getting any closer than the length of that stick. Obviously the snake did not like this but instead of slithering away like I was hoping, he reared up and struck out at the stick, fangs and tongue and all that.

That was enough for me. I got the shovel but there were no male neighbors around at the time so I just occupied myself on the other side of the property - picking up the remnants of someones McDonalds dinner that had been thrown into my grass. But that snake will meet his maker if I see him when my neighbor is home.

Today looks to be another nice day as i woke to sun creeping through my window and to the sounds of birds instead of pelting rain. Do I dare plant my cosmos and poppy seeds?

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