Friday, May 27

We Have Bluebirds!

After 6 years of trying to attract bluebirds to our yard, we finally have a pair living in one of the houses by the garden. I noticed them yesterday as I was heading to my car for a quick trip to the grocery store. He was perched on the rear view mirror of the passenger side admiring the view and pooping all over said mirror. Of course, his lady was not far away, lounging on an electric line.

Alothough I had a river of poo running down the side of my car, I was thrilled to see that we finally had blue birds. I just hoped that they were nesting somewhere near by and that I would get to see them again.

Upon inspection later in the day I found that they were indeed nesting close by - in my yard to be exact. They have set up housekeeping in one of the white bird houses that we have by the forsythia bush near the garden and side field.

Very skiddish, it was hard to get a good picture. I really admire the way that the male and female are never far apart and that the male always seems to be looking out for his wife and leading point. I am hoping to see a little family of blue birds soon.

On another bird realted note, this time not so happy, I found three dead starling babies in the yard directly under their lofty nest in the barn eves. They did not have any feathers yet and I have no idea what happened to them. The hole the parents use to enter the nest is just that, a hole. So there was no nest tipping. They would have had to come out single file. Roy moved them to the woods and I noticed a pair of starlings on the telephone wire callling thier bird calls which sounded just a little sad.

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