Monday, May 23

Another One Off the List

Yesterday we knocked a huge chore off the to-do list and I am still glowing about it. Most people will think this is a dumb thing to be happy about but yesterday I finally convinced Roy to get the ladder and chain saw out and take down a ton of overhanging branches and limbs that were taking over the property.

So much so that plants and grass could not grow and I was getting smacked in the face with limbs when I tried to mow the lawn and just walk to certain areas.

Roy hates using the ladder and I don't blame him. It's heavy and cumbersome and annoying. He swore very loudly more than once and I just tried to stay out of the way, secretly happy that it was finally getting done.

Now we have yards and garden getting the proper amount of sunlight and I don;t have to duck and cover while on the tractor.

Cleaning up the mess was another story and that took pretty much the rest of the day. But I am not complaining. I got to highlight and delete a nasty little chore off the to-do list on my computer this morning. (too tired last night).

Today promises to be a nice one, at least until the late afternoon threat of severe thunderstorms arrives. We still have much yard clean up to do so the little man and I will be picking up debris and probably taking many breaks to feed the chickens. That is his new favorite activity and he reminds me constantly that the pieces of bread have "to be TINY!".

The ladies are all doing well and giving about 15 eggs per day, although some are very slow to grow back their feathers after molting. They look like they have seen better days and I hope they fill out again soon. I have been moving them around the yard for access to fresh grass and bugs which they thoroughly enjoy. Who wouldn't like a fresh salad?

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