Wednesday, May 4

Another day of cold and clammy weather has the basement pump running constantly and the weather man acting perky through it all. I'll bet he doesn't have a garden that resembles a big mud puddle or 18 wet and miserable chickens.

I heard the other day that this past April will break the record set in 1929 of 5.41 inches.

We have been doing yard projects in between storms and managed to accomplish a few things on my to-do list. The rose trellis, which had fallen to the wind storm weeks ago, was repositioned and cemented so it is now sturdy and holding up my climbing white dawn. That rose bush got pretty beat up when it was pulled over by the falling trellis but I think it will make it. I see some new growth and leaves sprouting.

Both vegetable gardens have been tilled, twice, and it was not bad even though it might have been a little wet to till. They are both ready with rows staked out just waiting for the weather to cooperate. I am very behind in planting my onions and potatoes as well as carrots, radishes and broccoli.

Last night after the little guy went to bed I transplanted my tomato seedlings into larger pots and got rid of any that were just not making the cut. Every year I do the same thing: I start too many seeds because I am afraid that some will not germinate and I will not have enough plants. Then when they do germinate, I have too many and I need to thin them. I absolutely hate this process. It makes me feel awful, killing plants that I started from little seeds.

But this year, I could see the benefit. I noticed that the plants where I had thinned down to one strong sprout per section were the best, the tallest and the healthiest. Next year I will be thinning with abandon.

With all the tomatoes transplanted and the grow lights adjusted I made sure everyone had a good drink and I called it a night.

The little guy has been waking up at all early hours of the morning wanting to play - yesterday morning it was 3:30! So, we are all pretty tired around here. Transplanting tomatoes took about all the energy I had left in my tank.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rain-free but we will have to wait and see about that. If I wake up to sun shining through my blinds, then I will be shocked - for two reasons. One, the weather man was not lying to me and Two, the little guy would have slept through the night.

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