Monday, April 11

So Much To Do.....

Yesterday was a good day. An offer for all-day child care was gratefully accepted and we set to work on various house and yard projects that needed attention. Roy spent most of the day pressure washing the lead paint off the front porch. He had spent house scraping and removing what he could, mask on and giving strict orders to stay away from the entire front yard. He is quite fanatical about lead paint. The pressure washer took care of dust and helped make sure the porch was clear of chips, and I think Roy just loves using the thing. Now the porch is ready to repaint and it looks a lot bigger without all my "outdoor decorations" on it.

My day started with a tour of the yard to assess the damage and prioritize my projects. I started by the pine trees and noted that our brush pile has outgrown the area we designated for "brush pile." The neighbor and his tractor can push the pile into the woods and we can let it rot and compost without having it spill over into the yard.

I also noticed the gray and white feathery remains of what was once a bird, who met an untimely, unfortunate and probably most unpleasant death recently. Nothing but a pile of fluffy feathers.

Leaf raking is on the top of the list as we did not get it all done last fall. All of the garden beds have accumulations of dead brown leaves which will all be raked shortly. a few of the flower gardens will be taken out this season and their contents replanted in other gardens. I was a bit too ambitious when I put them all in and through endless weeding and trying to mow around them, I have a few that can go back to grass.

The main chore was to till the vegetables gardens and to mix in all the composting straw and chicken poo that was cleaned out of the coop from this past winter. Now the gardens look ready to plant and I may start the onions today or tomorrow. Before tilling I managed to save some wild strawberry plants that seem to just come up where ever they feel like. I may put in a raised bed just for strawberries since they spread and annoy me.

Much more to do but since I am just about over the morning sickness, it seems possible. And the seeds are germinating fast that I expected! The broccoli and tomatoes are all sprouting which makes me a little scared. I dread the thinning process and having the plants ready to go before the weather cooperates.

But if that is the worst thing that happens for a little while, I'll gladly accept it.

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  1. We worked in the yard this weekend as well. It was great to feel things were getting accomplished! I have raised beds for my strawberry plants and they still find their way all over the paths. Not sure what will keep those things where you want them. :)