Thursday, April 14

The End of the Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vines are beautiful things.

When we moved here there were two growing on the big old barn, one on each east-facing corner. They take a little while to get going in the spring but once they start, they seem to bloom overnight. The humming birds love them and the starlings that build nests in the eves of the barn roof use the branches when they come in for a landing.

It's pretty to look at growing and blooming up the sides of the barn and repeated requests from Roy to take it down were totally ignored by yours truly. His argument was that is was growing into the metal track that the barn doors slid open and closed on and it kept knocking the doors off when we tried to open them.

He is just being picky, I thought.

Then we had the roof on the barn re-shingled and the roofers said "You should take that vine down. It is getting big and growing up under the eves and such."

They just don't appreciate the beauty of a good vine, I thought.

The vine kept growing and expanding at a fast rate and last fall the one was spreading to cover over half of the eastern-facing side of the barn. The one on the other corner had been "pruned" by Roy.

Last April I knew, and admitted to myself that things were getting out of control.

As much as I loved the vine, it had to go. Pieces of barn wood started falling off after being pried loose by the vine and I could see it starting to grow up and get into the cracks in the stone.

So last weekend we got the saw and cut the very thick bases of the main vines. Roy proceeded to take them all down, having to get out the extension ladder to get all of the bits. (Roy hates to get out the extension ladder, so that tells you how much he wanted to get rid of this vine).

I still have all those roots in the ground and we will deal with them as I start more cleaning out of the gardens. (and maybe I will let one little vine grow just a little).

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