Thursday, April 7

Better Late Than Never

I finally got my tomato, pepper and broccoli seeds started the other day, a little late but I am sure they will be ready to transplant when the time comes. Cheese was very curious about the whole process since I decided to do this particular starting on the kitchen table, with plenty of old towels of course. She was mostly into observing and supervising until she just couldn't help it anymore. Here she is "re-planting" a section of Roma tomato seeds.

All the cats are always interested in the seed process every year. I have my grow lights safely locked in a small basement room which holds the furnace, which provides some heat since it still kicks on a few times a day. And the "Seed Starting Room: NO Cats" sign on the door should be enough to let them know they are not allowed explore.

This did not stop Cheese one year as she managed to eat the tops off of all my pepper sprouts.

I got everything downstairs and set up, but could not manage to find my spray bottle. Turns out Roy had used it over the winter to mix some orange-smelling cleaner for the pellet stove window so I was off to the store to get a new one. I picked light green since I thought it might inspire the plants to grow faster.

Here is what I have started so far:
Sweet Pepper
Hot Pepper
Red Pepper
Calabrese Green Broccoli
Beefsteak Tomato
Roma Tomato
Brandywine Red Tomato
Sweetie Cherry Tomato
Sungold Select Tomato

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