Wednesday, April 6

44 degrees and raining

Although the calendar on my wall says it is April 6th today, the temperature and weather in general does not seem to know that it is supposed to be spring. Chilly, windy and now it is raining, and I am seriously wondering if I can handle any more of this questionable weather. I do have a few things popping up in the yard and the garden and their light, bright green shoots are giving me reason for hope. Looking out in the garden and seeing them among last falls unraked leaves and the brown and dead mess of things that did not get cleared out before the first snow fell - it is just what I need. The morning sickness is finally starting to taper off - slowly - and I am getting a little energy back. So much so that I managed to start seeds the other day! Let's just make it to Easter and hope the sun shines a little before then.

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