Wednesday, March 23

Winter Weather Advisory - Wait, Isn't it Spring?

I knew the nice weather days we had last week were too good to be true.

My snowdrops and crocuses are now covered with about 5 inches of cold and blowing snow and they look seriously depressed. I opened the coop door for the ladies this morning and they took one look around and jostled each other to get back into the warm straw.

I don't blame them.

Aside from the annoyance of nature's double cross, I am also bothered that we have to crank up the oil furnace to heat the house this week. The pellet stove is down due to an overfeeding of pellets, causing a general overload. It needs a good cleaning and some work on the outdoor vent pipe but who wants to be standing around the yard cleaning a dirty pipe in a blizzard. Apparently not Roy. So we are keeping the house just warm enough with the oil even though I feel bad for wasting the money.

I am moving the cleaning of the pellet stove to the top of my "Roy please do this" list.

So as I rest here with my laptop, I look out the window to see a blizzard and decide to set the planting dates on my calendar. Every season I try to determine when I should start my indoor seedlings to given them enough time to be hardy enough for transplant when the weather cooperates. But not too early since I don't want to nurse 3 foot tomato plants in my basement the second week of April.

I use the Farmers Almanac website, the sowing directions on the seed packets and my notes from previous years to help pick just the right day. And according to my system, I should have started the broccoli, peppers and tomatoes last week. Great.

I blame it on morning sickness that lasts all day, a total lack of energy, and the fact that if you spend all day in your jammies, the days just seem to blend together. I'll shoot for tomorrow - just picture me in the basement by the table and grow lights placing tiny tomato seeds in the seed starter mix while wearing my flannel pj's and slippers.

All this thinking about seeds and planting has managed to dull my annoyance a little at the game spring plays every year. And once I get those grow lights on and the basement smelling like dirt, I think my mood will be much improved.

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  1. Sorry to hear you're getting the snow. I believe it's just going to miss us and our weatherman says 1-2 inches. Although he's told me that before and we ended up with a half foot I'm choosing to believe him this time. :) I can't wait to see my garden beds again!!