Saturday, February 19

We have been having winds here up to 65 mph for the past couple of days, which is only interesting because it just adds to the melting pot of strange weather hitting NY right now. The big thaw came on which got rid of a great deal of the snow buildup but as it got colder, the path to the chicken coop was transformed from snow to mud to a sheet of ice. And it is on a little hill. The little guy fell right on his butt and instead of being upset he just got mad.

Waking up this morning, I looked out the window to a blizzard covering up the dead grass that was finally reveled the day before. I did not know whether to be happy, disappointed or just dumbfounded. I knew that it was a crazy night the night before. I spent most of the night being woken up by flying branches hitting the side of the house and the siding creaking. At one point the wind was blowing so hard that it was almost like we had no windows and the blinds were moving around. Time for a little more window caulk, I think.

The worst part was the noise. I have been on a few trips that require taking a plane and this was exactly the same. That loud, monotone drone of the plane engines that is steady from the time you take off until the time you land (hopefully). The wind never let up. It was a constant blast, and with it whipping through all our pine trees, I felt like I was sleeping on an overnight flight to Stuttgart.

All day today it was more of the same, just add snow. We got about 6 inches according to the weather man but you can't really tell since it was swirling madly in the air the whole day. Today was a day spent indoors except to check on the chickens and take out some rather smelly diaper garbage. (Potty trained by spring? I'm open to ANY suggestions).

It is nearing 10pm and I am tired from a day of bored, cooped up toddler entertaining. Time for bed and another trip to Europe as tonight begins the second night of trying to sleep on an airplane.

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