Wednesday, February 23

October Addition

Thank goodness for Curious George. Not only did I learn how to make a metal detector from a radio, a calculator and some packing tape this morning, but George also provides a nice diversion for the little guy while my head is over the toilet.

Yes, I have morning sickness. We all know what that means.

There will be an addition to the homestead this coming October, and I don't mean more chickens.

Not that I am advocating plunking your kid down in front of the tv all day, but a half hour of Curious George can be a lifesaver at times.

I remember from when I was first pregnant with the little guy that I was sick for three months, 24/7. So far, I have been able to force myself to function around the house for the majority of the day for the sake of toddler care and clean laundry. Last time, I got to lay on the couch and watch Little House on the Prairie all day. This time, no. Not that I wouldn't mind a long Little House marathon right now but the little guy's eyes would glaze over after hour three.

So I have been spending time camped out on the play mat rolling around matchbox cars and building things with legos, and trying to keep eating even though I thoroughly do not feel like ingesting anything.

I have so many plans for this spring and summer and I hope I can still accomplish them. I want to get my seeds started at the end of March in the basement, the shed needs painting desperately (supposed to have been done last fall), the clothes poles need to be moved to a location that gets more sun, and the rose trellis that did not survive this last big wind storm need to be repaired and cemented into the ground. for some reason, we have crazy winds here.

Also, the chicken pen needs a major overhaul due to the rain/snow fiasco at the beginning of this winter. I am hoping I can recruit my Dad to help with the lifting and cementing and pen repair, and I am going to bribe Roy to paint the shed. "Um. dear, I don't think I should be up on the extension ladder slopping red exterior, smelly paint on the shed."

Then there are the constant summer chores - lawn mowing, trimming, weeding, mulching, garden tending, chicken tending, toddler tending, house chores, and possibly getting a shower once a day.

On a better note, I finally made bread from scratch yesterday. I am very excited but also very tired. More on this later.

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