Sunday, February 6

Ironheart, you will be mine.....

I think we are all getting pretty tired of winter around here. Yes, it can be pretty when the soft, fluffy flakes fall and the sun turns them all glittery. But then you have to shovel it.

The chickens are definitely showing signs of being fed up as well. More than a few of them are moulting so the group looks both annoyed and disheveled. Checking on them a few times a day to make sure they have non-frozen water and plenty of feed is probably the highlights of their day, especially since I bring them bread scraps each time I go out there. I check on things and then, on the way out, I toss them their treat and make a break for it. I don't want to leave them staring at me with those eyes......

Winter, my least favorite season, is not leaving us any time soon. And mid-February is about the time that I almost lose it. Winter is a bulky, cumbersome and awkward time for me. Big, heavy coats that make every movement more difficult, everything takes more time and slipping and sliding and trudging are a way of life. I hate winter even more this year in that I have a two year old who also must wear a bulky coat. Those of you who have children know how much fun it is to try and fasten a child wearing winter layers into a car seat. Winter, in conclusion, is burdensome.

And when I find myself chipping a little hole through the ice on my wind shied so I can see the road, I have serious thoughts about packing it in and moving to someplace warm. Hey, I have family in Nevada....... They allow water for gardens there, right?

But Mother Earth News came the other day and within the first few pages, I saw it. The thing that would make winter bearable for me.

A 3-in-1 Wood Cookstove. Its name is the Ironheart. And I am in love.

Having this beauty in my kitchen will make winter more survivable. I can picture it now - a fire roaring, heating my kitchen (which gets little heat from the pellet stove being on the other end of the house) and bringing to a boil my hearty winter stew. I am planning on soaking up every available ounce of heat that comes out of that thing. I love the pellet stove, but there is just no replacement for a good wood burning heat.

Small problem however. It is not cheap, and although there was once a wood burning stove in our kitchen (50 years ago), the connections would have to be redone. then there is that whole question of kitchen renovation which we have been saving for. This addition puts a pretty big addition on the budget.

So readers, if you are still reading this blog in about 5 years, I will be older and I will probably have two children, and I will tell you all about the wonderful new kitchen I have, complete with photos. Stay tuned.....

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