Monday, February 7

Gardening+Toddler= ?

This will be my second year of gardening with a child. Last year was, dare I say it, not that bad. Nap times and Grandma time allowed me time in the garden for weeding and maintenance, although not as much as I would have liked. It was kind of fun having a 'helper' in the garden and I am happy that he is taking an interest in all things vegetable related. He helped dig in the dirt with his plastic orange shovel and ate peas and grapes right from the vines. He tried tomatoes but that did not go well. And, considering he was born in the garden, I am glad he likes to be out there.

Yes, he was born in the garden. I grew him. At least that is what I am telling him when he asks me "Mommy, where did I come from?". And I have the picture to prove it. When he had mastered the art of sitting up on his own I hauled him out to the garden, plopped him down in the middle of the pumpkin patch and took his picture. Looks like he just belonged there and everything.

This year however, it will be a different story. He will most likely still dig in the dirt and eat peas, but he is also much more moblie than last year. I take my eyes off him for a minute and he is gone. Multi-tasking will be the theme of this years garden.

He likes to help. With everything. Right now I have been learning how to browse through a seed catalog with a two year old climbing on me in fire engine jammies. He is facinated with the mini-post it's I use to mark pages in the catalogs, which usually means I have to re-post all the ones he pulled out. We flip through magazines sprawled out on the panda playmat in the dining room and I point out and discuss with him the various methods we are going to try for staking tomato plants and controling weeds.

I will need to multi task and plan ahead. This year I need to have a more streamlined approach as to what I grow and why - no more zuchinni for fun and fulfillment. Side note - isn't zuchhini the best - you can plant one little seedling and have a ton of 'produce' without really doing anything. My goal for this month is to figure out the level of gardening I want to accomplish this season. Plant what I know we will eat and what I know I can control.

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