Monday, February 21

Farmer Fashion

Picture from HERE.

I went to the mall the other day with the little man and my Mom to have some lunch and walk around. The little guy loves to throw pennies in the fountains and play in the toy store, and I love the chicken ceasar wrap at Colie's Cafe.

It is fun to just walk around and let the little guy run, supervised, and look at things in stores. I don't buy nearly as much as I used to. A few years ago, I would buy things because they were on sale or because I "just HAD to have them." I didn't pay too much attention to how it was made, where it was made or what it was made of. Now, I usually walk away without buying anything. Case and point: I saw a great flannel-type shirt in H&M. It was brown and white. I loved the colors and it was really lightweight. I took the time to try it on and realized that it was a "stylish" cut that didn't cover all the, lets just say, "bits" that a good flannel should. I didn't get it even though I loved the look of it on the hanger. This also went for the cheaply made earrings I saw in the jewelry store, the overpriced dvd, and the really overpriced lipstick that actually stung when I tested the "tester."

I also could not help but notice the "farmer fashions." All the fancy clothing stores had mini-flannels, ripped up 'skinny' jeans, carhartt inspired jackets that didn't reach below the belly button, and black muck boots with little pink skulls and bows on them. Just like the thin flannel mentioned above, I don't think any of these items would make it on the farm. Mini-flannels aren't warm, skinny jeans probably hurt when you bend over to fill the fonts, and while you are bending over your fake carhartt will raise up the back and a cold breeze will go right up your spine. The muck boots, maybe. But the chickens won't care whats on your boots as long as you are bringing them their food. It could have pictures of headless chickens on it for all they care.

I just think this is kind of silly, even though some of those flannels are really cute.

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  1. It probably looks silly because they're imitating what you know. Fake farmers!