Tuesday, February 22

Extra Small? Lets be Realistic.

I have been staging a major closet coup this past week. I have gotten the urge to do another mass cleaning out of things and this time it is my clothes. I have too many. Half of them I do not wear - they are left over from my working days when I went to an office every day. And some are just too small. No matter how hard I hope, I will never wear anything that says "Extra Small" on the label ever again. I have to be realistic about what I use, need and will fit into.

So the little guy and I have been cleaning out, as his schedule permits, and we have made good progress. We currently have 6 big bags ready for goodwill donation and there is still more to go through.

How many t-shirts does one person need? Especially when I don't wear over half of them. I get them on vacations because that is what you are supposed to buy on vacations. And I get them as gifts from people when they go on vacation. I saved my favorites and some to wear in the garden and the rest will find new homes.

This goes with coats as well. How many coats does a person need? A few styles for going out and a few work coats and that is really it. I don't think I will ever wear the bright red leather jacket that is too small and starting to crack. I also got rid of any coats with sleeves that were too short. If there is one thing I hate, it is reaching for something outside in the cold chill of winter and exposing my wrists and lower arms to frostbite.

I got rid of 99% of my old fancy work clothes. I have no need for them since I am a stay at home mom and the fanciest place I go is Applebee's. I do not miss them since I remember the majority of them to be uncomfortable and I would shed them as soon as I got home for jeans and a tank top. I kept a few of the nicer things just in case and if I ever have to go back to a paying job, I will buy a few more nice things that are more comfortable. I now have an organized closet that I can find things in.

There is more to go - I have yet to tackle the jeans and pants. This is hard for me since I have various sizes ranging from 'baggy comfy jeans' to 'no way in hell I will ever fit into these again but I am saving them for the memories jeans'. This will take a whole day of debate on my part so it will wait for another weekend.

I do have to say that it is very liberating to get rid of that much baggage. It feels great to know exactly what I have that things are less cluttered. It is like a weight has been lifted and I have a great sense of accomplishment.

I have been trying to get Roy to do the same, even though he has far less in the clothes department than I did. Why is that, guys? Don't you like variety? Anyway, I think we will be going through his closet this week. I can't be the only one to sacrifice for the sake of liberation.

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  1. I love this. I'm going to do the same thing myself on March 1. Except I have a box of "too smalls" that I keep for six months, then review. If they're still too small out they go. I'm hoping my husband Art will do the same thing with his clothes. He has way more than I do in the clothes department, including multiples of everything that he hasn't worn in 15 years. He is morally offended when I suggest getting rid of anything in the three closets he uses for storage. Maybe he'll get the hint on March 1, but I doubt it.