Tuesday, February 1

The Apocalypse, Armageddon and the End of Times

Apparently, it will be happening tonight. While we all sleep in our beds, warm under quilts.

The Apocalypse, Armageddon and the End of Times all rolled together in the perfect storm of.... snow. It is coming. There is no escape. Since no one in recorded history has ever seen snow before, we must all panic and speed to the grocery store.

I guess I am just very uninformed. Today the little guy and I went to Wegmans to get a few things - just some bread and yogurt and organic creamy peanut butter. No rush, just noticed we were low on these things, so we stopped on the way to my parents house.

Everyone else in a 20 mile radius was more informed than I was. They watched the weather man that morning, smiling and peppy, as he happily proselytized the massive monster heading our way. "It's in Chicago now and heading North East." Run for the hills, hide your daughters, and, most importantly, raid your local grocery store in a panicked frenzy.

Every time we have a storm, it is the same story. The weather people treat it as the worst thing to hit since the ice storm 1991. They get people thinking the worst, wringing their hands in worry. Normally logical and reasonable people are thrown into a state of hysteria.

And that is where we found ourselves - encased in a wall of people with shopping carts. We got our things - fast. No time for the free bakery kids club cookie - we couldn't even get into that department and the cookies were probably long gone anyway. They must have been someone who had oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on their "I can't survive without these cookies for 2 days" list.

We are under here. Somewhere.

Two things:

First, this is NEW YORK. We HAVE seen snow before. This is not 1860. We have snowplows and generators and netflix. There is no need to raid the stores for cheese puffs and pizza pockets. Get a grip here people. Don't get all caught up in the frenzy and go crazy. Think about it - how many of us grocery shop every day and buy just what we need for that day? No one I know! We all, homesteader or not, at least have a box of pasta and some tuna in the cupboard.

Second, this just makes we want to put another check mark in my mental list of "why I like homesteading." We have food here and we do not need to go out. We are prepared for things but we are not acting crazy. IF something BAD happens and we lose power, we can't get to the store, we get totally snowed it - we are ok. I remember the 1991 ice storm - I was 14. We had no power for weeks but we were ok. More on this later.

Yes, there is a winter storm coming. It might be bad and probably will dump a lot of snow on us here in Upstate NY. Just use common sense. If the roads are bad, stay home. Fill up a clean bathtub with water before you go to bed if you are worried about not having water. Cook a big pot of stew tonight and have it ready for tomorrow.

The only way I will freak out is if I look out the front window and see The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse parading down our road. (I would freak out a little less if they were pushing a snowplow).

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  1. This whole post is hilarious. Glad you guys are safe and warm!