Monday, January 24

On cold days like this, it is best to stay indoors, make sure the stove has plenty of pellets and break my rules about television. A warm blanket doesn't hurt either. The little guy and I curl up and settle in for a few exciting episodes of Curious George. What will that curious little money get into today, I wonder.

The ladies seem to be weathering the cold alright - no obvious signs of frostbite or distress, although the coop temperature read 23 degrees when I checked them this morning. Not bad considering that the outdoor temperature was a balmy -6 degrees. Their water was frozen solid so I made sure they had fresh, a little bit luke warm, and some kitchen scraps to keep them happy. I am still getting about a dozen eggs a day, so I think it is working. I am not even opening the coop door today and they don't seem to care.

I spent last night watching installments of Band of Brothers, which included Part 6, Bastogne. I thought about that today as my fingers started the freeze to the metal clasp on Snow's line and to the enamelware bowl I put the chickens kitchen treats in. Considering that this mornings temperatures were -6 degrees, I have nothing to complain about in that one source says that during the course of the battles at Bastogne temperatures plummeted to minus twenty degrees Fahrenheit.

How those men survived at all is beyond me and I can only say, thank you.

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