Monday, January 24

The Nikon D-80 Dilemma

My camera is showing the tell-tale signs of old age. Sluggish, slow to focus, and tired. It seems to have fallen into a heap of lethargic wallowing.

It has been giving me trouble lately - error messages, not focusing properly and very slow to actually take a picture. We hit our high point at the butterfly garden this past Saturday. Butterflies, being the slow patient creatures that they are, simply waited for my camera to focus and take the picture before flying off to another flower. Then I stopped dreaming, chased the little guy around and tried to keep him from falling into the turtle pond, and cursed the camera.

Just about every photo I took turned out blurry even though the auto focus insisted that it was right on. I ended up with messy butterflies and distorted flowers.

What disturbs me the most is that this is an expensive and high quality camera. It has been used all over New York State, Nevada, Utah, Ireland, Scotland, France and Germany, which might suggest too much banging around and possible damage. But I was not juggling it or sending it bouncing down a hilly sidewalk like my small Sony Cybershot in Inverness Scotland (it still works great by the way).

I am not sure where I am going to go with this other than sit down during a quiet afternoon (yeah right) and go through the manual.

But all it might need is a new lens and good cleaning.

Sometime during our life, isn't that what we all need?

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