Tuesday, January 25


Our home was built around 1916, with many additions, remodels and renovations before we moved in 6 years ago. We love the house, even with all its quirks and strange corners, but some things needed updating.

Roy is big on electrical and he took care of rewiring many of the plugs and switches and such right after we moved in. However, there were a few he just didn't get to and we kind of forgot about them. This past weekend, he decided to tackle them while I was getting groceries.

The main problem that reminded us to finish up the electrical was that our son, now almost two, can reach the switches and constantly flips them on and off. Not so much of a big deal (he could be into things much worse, right?) except one of the switches doesn't seen to be connected to anything. You can flip it all day long and it doesn't turn anything on, supply power to any plug, etc. But it does smell funny. Like a burning kind of funny. So, this prompted our re-visit to all things electrical and I left Roy to take care of it.

I hate electrical. I also hate plumbing and anything involving a soldering iron.

After taking care of the 'burning switch' (which is a double switch, the top one being for the dining room light), he moved on to the other remaining switch's. These two last ones controlled the 2 lights on the stairs - one set of switches on the bottom of the stairs and another on the top. The top was actually a three switch plate, 2 for the stairs and one for the attic light.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love old things. The more antique and rustic the better. However, when it comes to electrical things, I would rather get the 'made to look old' stuff. I don't want my house to burn down.

This is what awaited us behind the panel on the upstairs switch:

Late 1930's, early 1940's, I think (?) Porcelain? Probably good for another 100 years (?) gasp.
We replaced them, but I kept one, just in case.

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