Wednesday, January 12


A beautiful orange long-haired cat has taken up residence in the upper part of the old barn. I am going to say it is a "he" even though I really have no idea. He just looks so regal and dignified.

I do not know where he came from - he showed up a few weeks ago in the yard and between our neighbors barns and ours, he has been seen hunting for mice and keeping his distance from people.

Definitely an older cat, I am afraid that he might have belonged to an elderly person who passed away and the relatives did not know what to do with the cat. Of course, they decided to dump him in the "country" since all us country folks are big softy's when it comes to stay cats and we would take him in. Either that our the fact that a lot of people think that anything can survive in the country with the free food just there for the taking.

I have gotten to observe him from the kitchen window as he makes his morning rounds of the property. Unfortunately, I have not been able to get a good picture of him for a variety of strange reasons involving broken cameras and crying babies.

This is the one I got of him the other day as he rounded the side of the barn and disappeared under the lilac bush.

I am calling him "kitty" for now since I don't want to get attached and then have him disappear one day. Well, who am I kidding, i am already attached to him. Even though this winter has be especially mild with little snow, it still dips into the chill teens some nights and I worry that he will not be warm enough. I made him a bed in a large cardboard box from a few old afghans and I have been feeding him a bowl of dry food every night in addition to feeding the chickens.

He seems to be very shy, or un-trusting of people, and I really can not blame him if he was just dumped off here.

The least I can do is to provide him with a little comfort as his life is changing.

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