Monday, January 17

It is 6 degrees here at 7 am - so crisp that it is like breathing ice when you venture out. The chickens water was frozen solid this morning. They didn't seem to mind since they were just keeping warm and waiting for their daily bread scraps treat. Snowy was even a little hesitant to go out this morning which is saying something since she usually loves to spend long periods of time lounging in the great, cold outdoors. But today she quickly did her business and is now curled up on her kitchen dog bed.

Today seems like a good day to bake bread. the house will smell great and I get to suck a little extra heat up from turning on the oven. The plan is to make a loaf of wheat and some honey wheat rolls. I hope it goes better than last weeks attempt:

Yeah, that should have been a loaf of warm white bread. It didn't rise and the whole thing collapsed in on itself which resulted in a big pile of mush. It didn't even get to the oven.

For some reason, I have horrible luck with bread. If I were homesteading in the middle of the prairie with a bag of flour and a bread pan, I would starve. But I am determined to mix, knead, punch, and knead some more, until I get something that resembles a loaf and that is mildly eatable. I keep you posted.

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