Monday, January 30

Green Chunky Chicken Feed Loaf

I have managed to collect a great deal of crumble dust from the chickens food and salvanged at least half a bag of feed from being wasted. That is money saved and one less trip to Tractor Supply. (I know, I love going to Tractor Supply, but taking a three year old and a three month old to pick up a bag of feed is never pretty.)

Following the advice of people much smarter than I online, I decided to make a few loaves of chicken bread to start using some of this crumble dust. It is pretty much like using course flour and I trudged out to the chicken shed to collect a few cup fulls. The ladies watched me, thinking they were getting a treat of some kind and I told them that the treat would come after I baked the bread. They were not entirely pleased, and adding that disappointment to the muddy fenced in area they were dealing with probably did not win me any points today.

I followed the recipe that I posted here and came up with something resembling a chunky banana bread mixture.

I mixed the egg (with shell), the baking soda, the flour and the crumble dust together in a large bowl. I then added 3 cups of what was left over after Roy juiced some vegetables (kale, apples, pears, mango, and asparagus) and the olive oil.

The mixture seems very dry and crumbly so I put in another 1/3 cup of olive oil and 1/3 cup applesauce.

I also added some flax seeds and the last of soem stale walnuts we had.

It came out looking like a very green, chunky mess but I spooned it into small bread baking pans and put it in to bake. I wasn't expecting the dough to look like actual bread dough, and rest assured it did not.

45 minutes later it came out looking pretty much like when it went in, only hard. It did resemble banana bread in its consitancy and appearence, except it was a dark shade of green. Probably from the large amount of purified kale.

I was hoping the ladies would like it and I was actually excited to bring them a loaf that evening when I went to check their feed and water. When I broke it into pieces for them and shelled it out, they were not as over the top about it as I would have liked. In stead of the mass stampeed for the lovingly prepared, home made chicken treat, they greeted it with a luke-warm, cautious reception.

Note to self: When someone gives you something to eat and then stands there and wants to watch you eat it, something may be just a little off.

I am note sure if they did not like it or if they just did not know what to make of it at first, but they did peck at it and it was all gone the next day when I went to check on them. I am going to chalk this one up to a win, not so much that the ladies were ravenous over it, but because I took a waste by-product (crumble dust), added a few common, inexpensive baking products to it and made something that I could feed to my animals. I knew exactly what was in it and I made it here at the farm.

How often can people say that, even if it is green chunky chicken feed loaf.

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