Tuesday, January 18

Country Bounty

In the January 2011 issue of Lucky Magazine there was a fashion article entitled "the bounty of a country weekend."

I know you are not asking yourself, after that statement, 'why in heck is she reading Lucky Magazine?'

True, it is not my usual reading preference but I am part of what amounts to a magazine hot potato group. My Aunt gets a ton of magazines and various titles get passed from her to Grandma, to Mom and then to me. Granted, not all of the ones I get are ones I read. I am not a fan of Soap Opera Digest or Glamour, (and Grandma doesn't care much for Lucky), but I will flip through them for fun before they make their final trip to the library magazine exchange.

My usual flipping is done through issues of Country Living and Martha Stewart looking for ideas. But today's flipping brought me to the 'country weekend' and I was happy to find something with the word country in it on the pages of Lucky Magazine. It even had a background of shrubbery!

Not much country about it though, except runway looks remotely inspired by the farm. VERY remotely. Or, by people who run in fields in billowing white dresses, it seems.

I know, I know, it is a fashion magazine but I just found some of the pictures funny - one shows a girl in knee-high socks and designer denim shorts which are being held up by old-man suspenders. Her shirt is untucked, like she has just come from a long afternoon of farm labor. Another girl is pictured outside of what appears to be a beautiful cottage. And what does she emerge from this cottage wearing to attack the day of muck and tilling? A full black lace dress, combat boots and a plaid jacket. I don't know about you but I always wear black lace in the garden.

The caption on the shrubbery reads: "There's freedom in letting go. Mix prints with prints. Throw in crazy fabrics. Add some wild color. Layer pieces that have nothing to do with each other: It's eclectic, whimsical - and totally liberating."

First, is that what 'fashion' people think of people who live in the country? Are we eclectic, whimsical people who dress oddly and mix prints? Probably not, but it's just a thought.

Here is my caption:

"There's freedom in letting go of designer labels. Mix muck boots with an old sweatshirt. Throw in some broken-in gardening gloves. Add in a dirty International tractor ball cap. Layer printed t-shirts that say Delany's Rooster Farm with last years beat-up flannel. It's comfortable, you can till and plant in it - and it's totally liberating." (and chickens don't care if you match).

Even though I don't care for the word 'liberating' (too feminist for me), it just seems to fit.

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