Tuesday, January 18

Bread: The Saga Continues

As you can see, this attempt at bread making did not turn out any better than previous attempts. Although it did resemble a ball of dough more than my last attempt, that is all it amounted to - a ball of dough.

This photo was taken after the dough had been, supposedly, rising for about 5 hours. It only gained about an inch in diameter.

So once again:
homesteading in the middle of the prairie + bag of flour + bread pan = me starving.


  1. Aww...your last sentence made me laugh out loud though!

    My one attempt at baking bread resulted in my loaf only rising half way, but it was edible!

  2. Are you trying to make yeast bread? Cause if you are your yeast is old. And if it is old, it wont make the bread rise. Did you proof the yeast? If you are trying to make sourdough, that's a whole other story. I just got onto the sourdough and made my first good loaf about two months ago after trying for about six months so dont give up hope yet.

    Actually the ball of dough looks good but looks like you just knead it and not let it rise yet. If you need help just ask.

  3. Denise - thank you for the tips! I was trying to make a bread called Amish White Bread. It did call for me to proof the yeast "until it resembes a creamy foam." All I got was discolored liquid. I used it anyway since I thought my sheer overpowering will would make it work. :)
    Do you have an easy recipe for plain white bread that doesn't require proofing. (actually if it doesn't require kneading, rising or baking, that would be good too). :)