Wednesday, January 26

book report

Hit By A Farm

Catherine Friend
Rising Moon Farm

Thoroughly enjoyable, even though I learned a little bit more than I wanted about the inner workings of sheep.

"Few people today have a clue where there meat comes from, just accepting that it’s tightly wrapped in cellophane and comes from the grocery store. Few people remember this hard fact: that for them to eat meat, something had to die. But it’s not just that an animals has to die – it’s also how the animal lived. Many people simply don’t connect the poor chicken raised in an airless, sunless building with the chicken on their plate."

So many neat things in this book, a fast read, and I could not put it down. Between
wondering about farming genes, electric fence mishaps, and the anxiety-prone midlife crisis tidbits, there was also plenty of farming, sheep, heavy machinery and hope.

"The only way to avoid chaos is to control everything around you." A control freak myself, I know exactly what she is talking about. Problem is, when you have a farm, control everything means never sleeping and getting injured often.

"I wanted to run screaming from the farm, tell Melissa we must sell it, that we must move to a cramped townhouse in the city and work nine-to-five jobs and battle traffic and crime and long cappuccino lines and have no intimate knowledge of farming, just like normal people." I loved this - normal people. And she is so right - most 'normal' people have no idea what farming is all about - what it takes to bring the food to their plate.

I used to be 'normal'.....

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