Saturday, January 8

Book Report

World Made By Hand
James Howard Kunstler

An interesting apocalyptic book where "The future sure isn't what it used to be." Ever seen those movies about when the power goes out, the Internet is gone and people live in roaming gangs looking for potatoes and the like? Ever notice how they always have nice warm winter coats, military boots and guns with plenty of ammo? If the world has gone off track, where do they get these things and you can only use a bullet once. This book shows it in more of a realistic light.

How do you take a shower? Get your news? Provide anesthesia during a surgery? Get clothes?

More realistic, slightly disturbing, interesting ideas. Not to promote hoarding but the main character has a good point when he says "I saved absolutely everything."
When you can't get anything new, that is just about the only way to have what you need.

"It's a world made by hand, now, one stone at a time, one board at a time, one hope at a time, one soul at a time."

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