Monday, December 13

Muck and Seed Orders

The two and a half feet of snow we had here just a day and a half ago has been steadily melting away over the past weekend. Giving testimony to this fact was our basement pump which has been running almost constantly.

And in comes the mud. I always hate when the snow melts and leaves wet, cold, mucky mud behind. All the grass is dead and mushed and the yard and gardens look just awful. I can tell where Snowy has made her "winter lavatory", and I know that the grass will be well fertilized there next spring.

As I slogged out to the chickens today to given them their bedtime snack, I made a mental note of the fact that I need to do something about the cement slab at the door to the coop building. It appears to be sinking and water is pooling. Not pleasant, and changing font water in the vicinity only adds to the problem. I do not have running water in the coop building so I have two options - lug it from the house in a big 5 gallon Tractor Supply bucket (which I loved buying), or take the fonts up to the house to rinse and fill. I try to wash them out really well once a week regardless, which requires bringing them inside to the basement sink for a scrub. Using the bucket wins out, but leads to excess water pooling. Will it ever end.....

On a positive note, I sent in my first seed order for Spring 2011 today. The Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog came last Friday, surprising me in the mailbox in that I thought it was too early for such a gift. I poured over the pages of beautiful glossy pictures and read the descriptions of veggies, flowers and just about everything in between that I might want to squeeze into the garden next year.

I kept myself in check, and with a "don't go overboard" from Roy, I made my selections. Note: Roy gets nervous around seed ordering time. Actually, he gets nervous around seed starting time, seedling transplant time, staking of tomato plant time, and any time I need tilling done.

My selections from Baker Creek are:

Cherokee Trail of Tears runner bean
Mayflower runner bean
Purple Podded Pole runner bean (our FAVORITE!)
Sungold Select II tomato
Roma tomato (for sauce)
Calabrese Green Sprouting broccoli
Bedfordshire Prize cucumber
Musquee De Provence squash
Yellow Prairie Coneflower
Butterfly sweet peas
Marsh Mallow
Bee Balm Lemon

My garden will be no means consist only of beans and marsh mallows - I have plenty of tomato, pepper, pea and squash seeds left from last year. But then again, maybe I will just fill the whole thing with coneflower and be done wth it.

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